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Fuzigish At Park Acoustics [Interview]

Fuzigish Band

A quick chat with Fuzigish

Park Acoustics proudly presents Boo!’s 21st birthday bash with The Narrow, Fuzigish and friends!

This Sunday, 7 October 2018, Park Acoustics is not only celebrating Boo!’s birthday, but they also have a mix of insanely cool bands on the lineup that will keep you entertained throughout the day. These include Fuzigish, Hellcats, The Narrow and more.

I caught up with Jay. vocalist of Fuzigish, to chat about the event and a few other things:

What have you guys been up to this year? Any new projects you worked on, or any shows that stood out?

Personally the last few months have been pretty chilled. Earlier in the year Rambling Bones released a split vinyl with The Shabs (CT) – so that was cool.

I know that the other guys have been busy. Tom has been touring a lot with Vulvodynia and Big Willy keeps busy  with his own project called Solvia, as well as playing bass for The Slashdogs.

That’s awesome! This year marks 21 years of Fuzigish. That’s incredible. I think a lot of my readers and young musicians want to know what your secret is? How do you survive as a band for so long?

Witchcraft and beerbongs. Hard to believe Fuzi has been around for 21yrs!

Haha, well there you go. So, what’s next for Fuzigish? Perhaps new music, a tour?

We need to record a new album, but we probably end up making an experimental movie about a dog named Gish.

Now on to Park Acoustics. How many of the PA events have you played? And what can we expect from your set this time?

Fuzi has played once before and we started chilled, but this time we gonna slam it. It will be hot, sticky and awesome. We really excited to be playing.

What, for you, makes Park Acoustics special? 

It is special; The bands, the venue and the people behind it. It is Henktastic!

This is also BOO!’s 21st birthday celebration! Who else on the lineup are you really looking forward to seeing live?

Looks like all the bands are gonna be cooking and it is my first time to see some of them. Hellcats are always rad, and will be good to see The Narrow dudes again. Boo! Is always a top act. So, I guess I am saying “all the bands!”.

What song from Fuzigish can we listen to in preparation for this Park Acoustics to get us hyped up?

Awesome, and where can we find your next gigs?

Halloween! Friday 26th  October at THE GRIND, and Sat 27th October at SUNDOWNERS.

About Park Acoustics October

Park Acoustics October

Venue: Voortrekker Monument, PTA

Entrance: R150 online HERE , R175 at the gate.
(Free for children under the age of 6, R15 per vehicle at entrance of nature reserve.)

Time: Gates open 10AM – 18h30PM




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