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Getting Ready for Up the Creek with Slow Jack

Slow Jack Band

A Quick Chat With Slow Jack

Up The Creek is only one week away! One of the amazing bands on the line up, Slow Jack, answered a few quick questions in anticipation of the festival next week. Here’s what they said: 

What can fans expect from your performance at UTC?

We hope to embody the vibe that one can expect from an evening slot at UTC. People generally think of UTC as the sun filled river jams, but the night time is also a very special part of what UTC actually is all about. Taking in the cool night air with serious bass rhythms can be really good for the mind. So, from our side, we will make sure to have that going for the listener.

Absolutely! Looking forward to it. So, which 5 things do you think are essential to bring to Up the Creek?

A hat, sunblock, a floatie, sunnies and a good party spirit.

And which other bands are you looking forward to seeing at Up the Creek?

We are definitely crushing on Southern Wild, but this year we are keen to check Sol Gems and Van T and having a definite good jol to Boulevard Blues.

Have you ever had a really hectic or haywire experience at a festival?

We had a full weekend of festival playing, that started with Jeandre (Lead Guitarist) almost cracking his knee on stage which then ended with his car breaking down 400km’s from the next festival just outside of the smallest little town on the west coast. We ended up driving 7 people, camping gear, instruments and Jeandre with a heavy heart to the next festival, making it just in time for our performance. ‘Jayme: May I add, it was 35 degrees that day without aircon and the only girl in the car, good fun’.

Oh no! Haha. Can you write a 5 line limerick for Up the Creek – or a Haiku?

River flows cool

Sun warm glow

Natures song

That’s awesome! Finally, what are your plans for 2018?

Thank goodness 2017 came to an end. We are hitting the studio soon to record some new material and releasing an EP/Album. We will also be playing Kirstenbosch Summer Sunset Concerts on Human Rights Day with Petit Noir. We will keep you posted on the rest.

Up The CReek 2018

About Up The Creek 2018

Dates: 25 – 28 January 2018

Up The Creek 2018 Tickets

Ticket price: R1,030 (excluding booking fees) – only full weekend tickets available.

Buy tickets here: HERE 

No under 18s.

There are only 2500 tickets made available each year so make sure to book as soon as you possibly can.

Good news is that you can extend your festival stay in 2018: gates will open at 11:00am on the Thursday and the music will start from 15:00.





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