#SOZLOL at Halloween 2018 [Interview]

A quick chat with #SOZLOL

They say bad-ass things come in threes, behold the terrifying trio that is RAM, Griet & Halloween PTA!

Cross the date, or beware the gory FOMO. Get ready for HALLOWEEN 2018 and three stages with a massive lineup, including Desmond and the Tutus, Bittereinder, Newtown Knife Gang and Hellcats!

I caught up with the two ladies behind #SOZLOL, who is also on the lineup, to talk about this awesome event:

Who are the two ladies behind #SOZLOL?

Catherine Grenfell and Vicky Jankiewicz are #SOZLOL!

So, when and where did #SOZLOL start and what’s the meaning and background behind the name?

We actually wanted to DJ together since the beginning of 2017, but we only got around to play our first gig at the old Good Luck Bar at the end of 2017 and it was an amazing experience with over 2000 people dancing with us. We played the set under the name #JIRREJISSIS but unfortunately had to change the name since Mieliepop wouldn’t book us under that name. And that’s how #SOZLOL came about.

That;s really cool! And what type of music do you play and have you mixed your own songs yet?

We don’t play our own songs unfortunately, but we play anything from rock ‘n roll oldies, new commercial music, hip hop, rap and South African music. We’re basically the best wedding DJs you can get!


So, you will be at Halloween 2018! For people who’ve never heard your music, why should they come see your set?

We will be playing before the bands start, getting the crowd well amped for an amazing event. Come watch us to get you moving!

Are you dressing up for the event? If so, any hint on what costumes you will wear?

We will be dressing up for sure, and as for a hint – let’s just said the Halloween Fruit will be blessed…

Sound interesting! Which other artists on the lineup are you keen to check out?

ALL of them. Our favourites are Hellcats since we are really good mates with the guys. Bittereinder is going to be amazing, Newtown Knife Gang are really cool live, HAEZER and Trancemicsoul as well as a bit of Vulvodynia are all on our must-see list.

To get us excited for Halloween 2018, please share a link to one of your favourite songs (and perhaps one that will be included in your set?

Since it’s Halloween, this song will definitely be included in our set:

Halloween 2018 details

Halloween 2018


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