The Muffinz

The Muffinz at Ginapalooza 2018!

The Muffinz

An interview with The Muffinz

What is Ginapalooza?
Gin – copious amounts of it
Palooza – a party, festival or celebration

Bring your friends and your thirst, your sunglasses and purse, to experience a vast array of botanically fantastical, local craft gins that are available at Ginapalooza on the 18th of August! This unique event is not to be missed by ginthusiasts of this endearing and delightful drink!

Come taste some of the best gins while listening to some top local artists on two stages at the amazing 012Central venue in Pretoria!



I caught up with The Muffinz, who is on the event’s line up, to talk about Ginapalooza and what they have been busy with:

I see you have been quite busy recently with a lot of shows. Any highlights so far for 2018?

Being in studio working on our new album and releasing the ‘Where You Are’ single in February. The single has been a highlight and we also went on tour this year. The tour was funded by Concerts SA, so we got the opportunity to perform in cities and provinces that we haven’t had the opportunity to perform in, so connecting with new audiences and being able to take our music to “where you are”.

That’s amazing! So, you just finished your tour. Any stand-out shows?

Bloemfontein. The people were great! We spent a week there and got to meet some great people. Durban was also great. The Durban community loves music and they really came out to support.

You guys are now a quartet. How are you managing the change and do you think you guys will look for new members in the future?

Although we’re not five members, we are a brotherhood, and we won’t be looking for any new members. We’ve always collaborated with other musicians and we’re managing well.

You released some music earlier this year, but what are you currently busy with?

We are currently working on the album and our next single, ‘You’re the one’. Expect it soon! We are also getting ready to go abroad in 2019, but keep an eye out on social media to learn more about what’s next.

The Muffinz

You will be playing at Ginapalooza. Tell me a bit about the event? What can people expect?

Expect to dance, have fun, and fill their tummies with Muffinz. The audiences in Pretoria are always a jump. From what I Know it’s a new concept, for gin enthusiasts. It’s happening in Pretoria, and Pretoria people are ALWAYS amazing. I thought it might be a family-friendly setup in Pretoria town, 012 is a great venue and should be perfect for an afternoon out with the whole family with fine music and food.

Awesome! For anyone who will be seeing you live for the first time at Ginapalooza, what can you tell them about your performance?

The Muffinz are just guys who love what they do! That love music with all their hearts!

And which other artists are on the lineup are you excited to see at the event?

Tidal Waves! One of our influences as a band, always good hearing from them again. There were many other names on the lineup that we don’t know and it’s always awesome hearing new sounds.

What song from The Muffinz can we listen to get us hyped up for your show at Ginapalooza? Please share a link.

Lastly, what can we expect from The Muffinz for the rest of 2018?

We’ll be doing a number of shows across the country, our new music video, the next single and great music.

About Ginapalooza 2018

Venue: 012Central, 381 Helen Joseph St, Pretoria
Time: 12 pm
Cost: R100 – R130




012Central Main Stage
The Muffinz, Tidal Waves, Deon Bakkes and the Stolen Horses, Thabiso Thabethe, Re_Ono and DJ BOB.

Summer House Disco Stage
DSCO Cam x Duard Musk, Half ‘n Half, DJ Buhle and Tropic Thundr (Romario Afonso x Dim The Lights).



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