Almond Creamery South Africa

Nuts About Almond Creamery!

Almond Creamery South Africa

But first, milk!

This has been a crazy year for me so far. But in a good way! My weekdays have been filled with working on a couple of big projects, while my weekends have been spent away from home either exploring new towns, going to festivals or other events. I must admit, when it gets really busy I am a sucker for grabbing snacks on the run – especially on the road! And, not that I am extremely health-conscious, but it’s important for me to snack on good things to keep going for longer – and that can be really tough!

I recently tried out Almond Creamery’s almond milk beverages. I must admit, at first I was a bit sceptical, thinking: almond milk? Can it be any good? I’ve tried a few milk alternatives in the past, but I have yet to find one that I really like. Luckily, these bottles of goodness were all yummy, beautifully packed and great to enjoy in many ways!

Who Is Almond Creamery?

Almond Creamery offers a milk alternative made fresh with zero preservatives, a whole lot of REAL nuts and just as much love!

Almond Creamery nut milk is available in two different sizes; 250 ml glass bottles and 1-litre pouches.

It’s all about finding your flavour

I already had 2 empty bottles when I found my favourite flavour – Chai Spice! With, the Chocolate flavour (served hot!) coming in at second place. The Chai Spice is perfect served hot or cold and makes for the ultimate drink on the go when you don’t necessarily have time for a meal.

Also look out for the new Beetroot & Strawberry flavour. Something completely different, but an excellent drink to refresh you early in the morning.

I’ve also tried the ‘Barista Blend’ with almond, macadamia and coconut in my coffee one morning, and it made the perfect cuppa! Definitely worth a try.

Almond Creamery South Africa

Mixing your milk

These bottles aren’t only for drinking, but you can actually use it as an ingredient to make awesome dishes. How does a Cherry Chia pudding with Granadilla sound? Delicious? Well, go check out more of these amazing recipes right here.

Is this milk any good?

Yes! This nut milk actually contains many vitamins and minerals including minerals like calcium, potassium and magnesium plus Vitamins E, Riboflavin (B2) and biotin. Macadamia nuts have a healthy ratio of omega-3 and omega-6, which is important for healthy skin, immune function and mental focus.

So, it’s yummy and good for you!

Almond Creamery South Africa

Supporting Local

Lactose and preservative free, Almond Creamery’s milk is completely plant-based and contains no artificial ingredients. Each bottle of nut milk is made from REAL nuts sourced from local farmers. Bonus!

Ready to try it?

Find a shop that sells these bottles of goodness near you: here



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