Cape Town Carnival 2018

Join Me at Cape Town Carnival 2018!

Cape Town Carnival 2018

The Mother City’s Biggest & Brightest Celebration

Yes, you read right, Cape Town has an annual carnival (if you didn’t know this by now). Every year the Mother City lights up when 100s of locals take over the streets with beautiful costumes, singing and dancing along colourful floats.

Join me at the Carnival

Get your costume together, because we’re joining the carnival!

The Cape Town Carnival, which takes place on 17 March 2018, has become a must-attend event for both locals and out-of-towners. This year the Carnival parade kicks off at 7 pm. There are various activities available in the afternoon from 3 pm, not least of all, the pure joy of being able to walk in a no-car street and enjoy vendors and mixing with your fellow Mother City dwellers!

This year you will also be able to enjoy two Cape Town Carnival Village spaces for the first time. This is the perfect place to get into the carnival spirit with live music and refreshments on offer. This is where you will find me before the carnival officially takes to the streets!

Every year the crowd is revved-up by the local fire-fighters who work tirelessly during the summer months when the city has many runaway fires to contend with. Make sure to get the best spot for this!

The Cape Town carnival is now in full swing, so be prepared to be amazed by the majestic floats that tower over the Fan Walk and energised dancers from 43 communities dotted around the Western Cape.

Cape Town Carnival 2018

A Carnival That Brings People Together In Many Ways

The Carnival plays a vital role in bringing people together in many communities throughout the Western Cape, with citizens from disparate demographic and regional groups collaborating before and during the annual spectacle. More than 1 500 performers in 43 performing groups from 27 different areas participate in the Cape Town Carnival – a fantastic living example of how an event of this kind can break down social barriers and help to form lasting relationships. “Social cohesion has always been at the forefront of our vision for the carnival,” confirms Rachel Jafta, chairperson of the Cape Town Carnival Trust.

The Cape Town Carnival 2018 theme is “Mother City, Mother Nature”

Cape Town Carnival 2018

The Cape Town Water Crisis & The Cape Town Carnival 

The Western Cape is in the midst of an unprecedented drought. This has had a profound effect on all events organised in the city of Cape Town. We need to be cognisant of the fact that as a city, our relationship with water in the province has to alter significantly. The carnival is taking the situation very seriously and are focusing on ensuring that they implement practical and responsible measures in relation to the project, the event and water issues.

The current water plan for the Cape Town Carnival event, 17 March 2018, includes the following:

  • Only chemical toilets will be used
  • All water for hydration for participants will be sourced from outside municipal water grids
  • Water sold by vendors will be sourced from outside municipal water grids
  • No water ballasting of structures will take place – only concrete ballasts will be used
  • Spectators will be encouraged to bring their own water if they do not wish to buy bottled water
  • No water taps will be installed along the Fanwalk, water for those who cannot afford water bottles will be supplied from water sourced from outside of the municipal water grid, and dispensed in paper cups
  • Vendor’s water – self-contained food trucks will bring in their own water for food preparation/dishes and dispose of grey water
  • Rain water tanks installed at the Cape Town Carnival Workshop in Maitland is the primary source of water used. 4l per person per day is used from the municipal grid

Cape Town Carnival 2018

Get ready for a night you won’t easily forget! You still have time to put together an amazing costume for yourself, so get at it!

See you there!

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