MCQP 2017

A Look Back at MCQP 2017: Dungeons and Dragons

MCQP 2017

MCQP 2017 – A Straight Girl’s Experience

The biggest event on Cape Town’s LGBT calendar went down at the Castle of Good Hope last month – wind be damned – and it was a mother of a party.

MCQP Cape Town

The event could not have had a more fitting home than the castle – even if someone felt silly leaving their boring old house dressed like a wizard or a medieval soldier, all doubts were cast aside as soon as you walked in. This was the right place.

Sadly the crazy strong winds left the main stage and the central area largely empty as partygoers all scrambled to find a room or a dungeon for shelter from the elements. The indoor dance floors meant less wind and, come to think of it, less light and exposure for all sorts of behaviour. So there was that too.

My crew and I found it worked out nicely when things got too hot and stuffy in the upstairs techno room to either stand at the large windows, directly across the dance floor from them or just step out and cool off in the wind for a couple of songs. It worked out, actually!


MCQP was certainly, as expected, a feast for the trance and techno-heads with electronic music being the order of the day. There were however whispers of disappointment here and there at the lack of diversity in music options given the eight dance floors and over fifty acts playing on the night. The main stage probably came closest to mixing it up a little with acts like Goodluck who killed their live performance. A personal favourite on the techno floor was Floyd Lavine, fresh from appearances at Future Frequencies the previous weekend with his bass-heavy jams and some Afro-futurist flavour.

MCQP 2017

Naturally, it was everyone’s time to let their freak flags fly with the Dungeons and Dragons theme – long white Khaleesi wigs and togas galore met with MUCH more bondage gear than I was expecting OR prepared for. Do all of you just have this stuff sitting at the back of a drawer at home? It sure seemed like it!

From the lovely gentleman offering to whip people’s behinds to the inevitable whistles and glow-in-the-dark accessories, you would be hard-pressed to find five people who didn’t come to play. Some played with the theme, some came with their own. All knew they would be free from judgement.

Overall, MCQP lived up to the hype and legend of being such a major event and having free reign over the castle as a setting really brought the theme and magnitude of the party to life. That and of course the people of all ages, shapes and sizes embracing their freedom to be whatever, even if for a night. Props and two thumbs up – definitely an extravaganza worth experiencing at least once!


Images by Joffrey Hyman from Joffrey Hyman Photography

Words by Julie O from Frame Ambition


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