Caitlin de Ville

Electric Violinist Caitlin De Ville Releases New Music

Caitlin de Ville

Caitlin De Ville releases new album

Her sound – her movement – her playful style; there’s no mistaking Caitlin for a traditional violinist.

Effervescent electric violinist Caitlin De Ville has recently released her first covers collection after a huge European tour with Korpiklaani and Turisas. The album of covers is her first streaming release since 2017.

Caitlin De Ville has built a reputation as an outstanding and unique live act who has performed all over the world (28 countries, 5 continents) to date. Through her highly engaged YouTube channel, Caitlin has found a home for her performances with over 425,000 subscribers and over 100 million plays on her videos and counting.

Expect her to perform everything from Pop through Classic Rock to well-known Dance hits and her excellent original arrangements. Caitlin’s remarkable on-stage energy is the result of a long-term love affair with popular and
underground dance culture.

Caitlin de Ville

About Covers Collection

‘Covers Collection’ is a compilation of Caitlin’s covers from her popular YouTube channel, allowing her listeners to enjoy Caitlin’s music on all the major DSPs, which has been a popular request from her dedicated fanbase. The tracks feature Caitlin’s characteristic sound and channel all the energy from her electric live performances.

Including hits tracks such as ‘Despactio’, ‘Rockabye’ and ‘Shape Of You’, the Covers Collection is an album that shows off Caitlin’s unique natural talent. The new covers album is just the start of a busy year for Caitlin, with a string of new original releases on the horizon, 2019 is set to be an exciting one for Caitlin De Ville.

Caitlin de Ville Violin

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