5 Best Live Music Venues In Cape Town To Hang Out At In 2020

Live Music Venues In Cape Town

Whether you’re a local or planning to travel to the Mother City in the next few months, if you don’t spend a few nights out on town this summer, you’re missing out! Cape Town is a creative city and if you’re out on the streets at night, you’re bound to hear music spilling out of the several bars and clubs along its busiest streets. No matter your taste in tunes, Cape Town is the city to be if dancing the nights away is your thing. Here are five of the best live music venues to hang out at in Cape Town in 2020

Aces ‘n Spades 

Situated in the heart of the city, this live music venue has quickly become a favourite among blues and rock music lovers. If darker venues, stage-dives and headbanging is your thing, you will instantly fall in love with this intimate live music venue in Cape Town’s city bowl. 

The Crypt Jazz Restaurant

Soulful music and candlelit atmosphere are what this Jazz spot is made of. Famous for its sophisticated vibe, The Crypt is the perfect venue for anyone who is looking to discover some of South Africa’s most talented Jazz artists. The Crypt also offer food and snacks, so make a night out of it! 

Live Music Venues In Cape Town  2020

Café Roux in Noordhoek

Café Roux has been a firm favourite among locals for many years. Situated in the beautiful laid-back coastal suburb, Noordhoek, this popular live music venue is perfect for a delicious dinner with friends and some of the best live music South Africa has to offer. Big names that have played at Café Roux include Arno Carstens and Ard Matthews.

Music Venues In Cape Town 2020

The Waiting Room 

Situated in the buzzing Long Street, The Waiting Room often brings some of South Africa’s best upcoming and underground artists to its stage. Cover charge is often very low and they have a rooftop area where you can chill the night away. If you enjoy acoustic tunes or electronic beats, make a turn at The Waiting Room! 

Mercury Live 

Mercury Live is known to bring some of South Africa’s biggest artists to its stage. The venue is popular for its excellent sound and lighting and is run by professional technicians. If you’re a fan of alternative music, make sure to get your tickets for the next live shows – you won’t be disappointed. 

From underground bars to rooftops, Cape Town is the city to be if you’re after fun nights out, dancing to some of the best local music. Be sure to keep an eye on your favourite venue’s events to get your tickets early – some smaller venues can sell out! 

While Cape Town is a dream during the day, the nights are exceptionally exciting. Don’t miss out. 

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