Sun Xa Experiment

Catch Sun Xa Experiment In Cape Town

Sun Xa Experiment

Sun Xa Experiment upcoming shows in Cape Town

“Witness them live to fully understand”.¬†

Sun Xa Experiment is a seven-piece ancestral, spiritual band from South Africa who caters music for healing purposes. Their music aims for healing and uplifting with the goal of playing stages throughout the country and remote stages that are not commercially known. They describe themselves as researcher, creatives, conductors and educators through life, and that is heard in their lyrics and their movement on stage.

Catch Sun Xa Experiment live

The group is now preparing for two shows in Cape Town on the 2nd of November 2019. They will be on the Main Stage at Endless Daze at 14h50, as well as at Camel Rock at 20h00. Be sure to catch them on one of these stages for an unforgettable performance!

Live in Cape Town 2019

About Endless Daze

Endless Daze is a music festival held in Cape Town from 1 November to 3 November.

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About Camel Rock

Camel Rock is a live music venue and restaurant.

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