Sun Xa Experiment

Catch Sun Xa Experiment At A Venue Near You!

Sun Xa Experiment

Sun Xa Experiment Cape Town Tour

“We are researcher, creatives, conductors and educators through life and that is heard in the lyrics and the movement on stage.” – Sun Xa Experiment

Seven-piece ancestral spiritual band, Sun Xa Experiment, will be in Cape Town for a range of shows during the rest of February and the beginning of March. The group will be performing at some of the Mother City’s best live music venues, including Mercury Live, Cafe Roux and Raptor Room.

If you’ve recently seen the group perform at Up The Creek Festival, you will know that you are definitely in for a treat. Sun Xa Experiment will get you on your feet!

What is Sun Xa Experiment?

Sun Xa Experiment creates music for healing purposes. You have to witness them live to fully understand. Their music aims for healing and uplifting with the goal of playing stages throughout the country.

The tour will include support from The Mauskovic Dance Band, PURE, Year of the Womxn and TUG (Time Unveils God).

Be sure to catch them at a venue near you!



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