Diamond Thug Sakura

Have you seen Diamond Thug’s ‘Sakura’?

Diamond Thug Sakura

Diamond Thug releases final music video from album Apastron

South African dream-rockers Diamond Thug released their debut album Apastron early in April 2018. It has since gained almost 3 million streams! The album’s intro track, ‘Sakura’, was named by Diamond Thug’s drummer Ted Buxton who wrote the initial synth melody that formed the basis of the track. As the song evolved, it became symbolic of an awakening; a step toward something new and different and something the band hoped to be beautiful.

It was by a beautiful coincidence that the band released Apastron, in the week known to be the peak-bloom of the Cherry Blossom season.

It was also by accident that the intro track ended up being the final music video to wrap up the Apastron chapter of the band’s journey.

In a sense the song has become both the alpha and the omega of the album, mirroring the cyclical nature of planetary motion and the seasons that form the core themes of the album.

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