Multiverse The Narrow

Kobus De Kock Jnr Chats About Multiverse The Narrow

Multiverse The Narrow

An interview with Kobus De Kock Jnr

Three SAMA nominations, Numerous national tours, radio play, headlining the country’s biggest festivals and sharing international stages with the likes of Korn, Deftones, The Prodigy and Marilyn Manson in Europe, The Narrow returns to fans this August with a rare offering: Multiverse The Narrow.

After 17 years, the band is giving fans the opportunity to become a part of their history. Performing with an unprecedented lineup and various special guests on the night, the band will present an exceptional production to thank fans for their support over the years.

I caught up with Kobus De Kock Jnr, vocalist of The Black Cat Bones, who is part of the lineup, to chat about the event and what he has been up to:

This has been a big year for you, being nominated for a SAMA and playing some major shows. Any personal highlights?

Things are moving fast in the Bones-world and every day we get to play our music to people, remains a highlight. As long as we can still perform we’re happy.

Absolutely! So, what are you currently working on with Black Cat Bones? And do you perhaps have any other projects going, besides with the band?

I have a new exhibition coming up and continue to perform solo when the opportunity arises.

That’s awesome. And for those who don’t know, what exactly is The Narrow Multiverse?

It’s a show based around the Narrows’ influences, as well as some of their greatest hits.

And how did you get to be a part of The Narrow Multiverse?

Let’s just say I know some of the guys. And they had my number… so.

When and where do you rehearse for the show? And is it difficult to get everyone together?

It’s 2019, the world moves fast, but we have WhatsApp and internet and whatnot, so we get five together as much as we can. We’re currently rehearsing in Centurion.

In your words, what do you think will be the highlight of this show?

Giving our personal flavour to The Narrow songs. That’s if we can nail it. Hanu is one of the best vocalists in the world.

Agree! Can you share a few of the songs on the setlist?

Mmmm… Soundgarden, RATM, Stone Temple Pilots… You’ll have to join us to see.

Lastly, what’s in store for you and Black Cat Bones for the rest of the year?

Another giant tour and some live in-studio videos we’re working on.

Multiverse The Narrow details

Date: Friday, 2 August 2019

Venue: Rivonia Barnyard, Johannesburg

Time: 8 PM

Entrance: R150




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