Savage Lucy

Savage Lucy at Let There Be Prog [Interview]

Savage Lucy

Let There Be Prog 2019

“An evening of the best progressive music South Africa has to offer that’s not just a sonic journey but an experience to remember”.

Let There Be Prog, South Africa’s premier progressive music festival, is taking place over two events this year. The first event is taking place on the 9th of November at the new Rumours Rock City at Hillfox Center. The event will host 8 bands as a showcase of some of the finest examples from the South African Prog Scene. The sister event, Prognosis, is taking place on the 8th of November at Railways in Pretoria, with a selection of bands from the main lineup.

I caught up with Savage Lucy, part of both events’ lineups, to find out what they have planned for the two events and what they have been up to lately:

You’ve played at some interesting events this year. Any standout shows?

We’ve been reasonably quiet this year but our opening into 2019 at Smoking Dragon has to be the show that really set the tone.

And what else have you been up to this year?

This year has been mainly about getting into writing mode. It’s been a long while since we’ve released new material. It’s about time we do.

You’ve been around since 2011. What has changed for the band and your sound since then?

The biggest change to our sound is definitely attributed to the change of band members, every musician has a unique way they play.

And what has kept you going through the years?

We just love playing music.

Savage Lucy

Your sound is rooted in different genres, including progressive metal, psychedelic rock, blues and jazz. Which of these is the most prominent?

I don’t think we can say that one is more prominent than the other. Our main focus in balance, each genre plays off each other but we are suckers for heavy riffs and tones.

And do you believe you’ve ‘found your sound’ or are you always experimenting?

I do believe we have our own sound that is distinctive but at the same time, we try not to set boundaries on what we want to create. Experimentation all the way.

So, as an instrumental band what, besides other music and artists, inspires your music?

As I feel most musos, everyday experiences.

Now on to Let There Be Prog. Tell me more about this event. What sets it apart from other live music events in South Africa?

This event stands out because it’s totally focused on progressive music and for SA that’s not at all common. The lineup itself also stands out, all interesting music from start to finish.

Perhaps some new music?

Not for now, a new set is on the way!

Any other band on the line-up you are really keen to see?

It’s epic to have our brothers Oh God up from Cape Town.

Please share one of your songs that you think will give people a taste of what to expect at Let There Be Prog.

Finally, what do you have planned for 2020?

It’s going to be all about new music.


Let There Be Prog details

Let there be prog 201


*Ocean Giant
*Savage Lucy

Date: 8th November 2019
Venue: Railways Cafe, Centurion
Cover Charge: R50 at the door

Special Note: Railways is a cashless venue so please bring a card


Let There Be Prog 2019

*Cluster Flux
*Deep Spacer
*Ocean Giant
*Savage Lucy

Date: 9th November 2019
Venue: Rumours Rock City,Hillfox
Cover Charge: R100.
Tickets available online at Quicket and at the door


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