New Music from Lukraaketaar 14 years later


Lukraaketaar releases two new songs

“Perhaps we will record more songs together and play some shows. For now, we hope people will listen to the new tracks.”

Duo Lukraaketaar made great headlines during the “Bellville Rock City” days around 2003 to 2008. Pierre Greeff and Alwyn Kotzé were known for their outspokenness and the satirical rhetorical questions in their lyrics.

The two met at Stellenbosch many years ago and started making music together. Their seven-track debut EP “Fop Genade” was released in 2005 and a self-titled full-length album “Lukraaketaar” followed in 2008. Their hits of that time “Om te kan” and “Taranangi Junkie” have been viewed on Youtube more than sixty thousand times.

Pierre describes their lyrics as “soulful words” and their music as “acoustic with kick”. The name, Lukraaketaar, is a combination of two words: “Lukraak” meaning ‘random /coincidental’, and “ketaar”, which he says is a pun on ‘guitar’ and ‘commentary’.

Lukraaketaar Band

Now more than a decade later, Lukraaketaar is making new music. Two new songs “Verrinneweer” and “Hou My” have just been released. Pierre says: “Alwyn’s friend and film director Neil van Deventer reminded me of the song “Hou My” which Alwyn wrote a good 7 years back, but never recorded. At that stage I just started writing the song “Verrinneweer” and it immediately made me feel that this was something that we could record together. A Whatsapp message and a beer or two later and we were both in.”

Listen now

“Verrinneweer” an “Hou My” can be downloaded at: HERE




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