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Oooth Releases New Single & Music Video

Oooth Music

Oooth releases ‘Calling Me’

“Calling Me is about the fact that everywhere you go, you see churches advertising that Jesus can save your life and God is your only option. However, once you go to these establishments, money is the objective.”

Oooth has just released the second official single and music video for the band, entitled ‘Calling Me’. ‘Calling Me’ comes from their debut album, ‘Who Cares What You Think’ released in November 2018.

A pure rock ’n roll track with a strong lyrical message, the single features a strong Oooth sound with Jason Oosthuizen’s drumming techniques shining through; a clear indication of his interpretation of rock music.

Oooth Band
‘Calling Me’ was written in late 2018 by Jason and was inspired by the thought that humanity as a race lives a backward life where those who are meant to help according to biblical rules, are the ones who firstly focuses on self gain.

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