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Park Acoustics With Mr. Cat & the Jackal

Mr Cat & The Jackal

Mr. Cat & the Jackal at Park Acoustics 2019

Park Acoustics proudly presents their spring edition with the legendary Karen Zoid along with the popular Mr Cat & the Jackal, George Town, Jackal and the Wind, Little Ringo and Half ‘n Half on the 1st of September 2019! Be sure not to miss this one.

I caught up with Mr. Cat & the Jackal to find out more about Park Acoustics next week, and what they have been up to: 

You’ve had quite a busy August so far. In fact, it looks like 2019 has been a full one. Any highlights or standout shows?

A definite “WHOA?!” was collectively experienced in a one-horse town where two Ley-lines meet – McGregor (Western Cape). We did not know what to expect, but certainly not a sold-out show with a raucous audience that bought every single CD we took with us. It’s the most recent performance apogee.

So, what are you busy with right now and what are you planning for the rest of the year?

We’re busy recording our fourth album. It’s called CHAPTERS, and part 1 through 3 is out already, but only available at our shows as collector’s editions. Our aim is to finish the fourth and final chapter before the end of the year. Only then will it be released in full. Definitely our best work to date.

Cool! Now on to Park Acoustics. How many Park Acoustics have you played before?

This will be our sixth PA. Our first one was when it was still held at the Pretoria botanical gardens. We performed at the very first Hotbox event too, so this relationship has been going on for some time. Go, Henk!

This is an incredibly popular event. What do you think makes PA so special? 

For us, it’s all about the people. Pretoria has something in its moustaches that leaks into the water supply that somehow makes every kid there down-to-Earth and fun as hell. Well organized, great weather, amazing people. It’s the winning recipe.

Park Acoustics 2019

So, why should people definitely not miss this one?

It’s valuable to go to the bank to handle business affairs. It’s important to go to the dentist for your teeth. It’s downright CRUCIAL to come to this specific Park Acoustics to feed your soul.

It’s personal well-being, really.

Love yourself, come on over.

This is one cool lineup. Which of the other bands or artists are you excited to see? And have you ever shared a stage with any of them before?  

We’re looking forward to seeing George Town. Heard a lot about this act and would like to experience it live. Karen and we have shared a couple of stages before, she always has a killer show.

Lastly, please share a link to one of your songs you think would give people a taste of what to expect at this Park Acoustics?


Park Acoustics details

Date: Sunday, 1 September 2019
Venue: Voortrekker Monument, PTA
Entrance: R155 online HERE, R175 at the gate.

Park Acoustics




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