Lost in Kiev

South African Exclusive: Listen to Lost in Kiev’s ‘Persona’

Lost in Kiev

Lost in Kiev’s third album release

The main challenge with this record was how to write more direct and shorter post rock tracks with the same intensity as our previous, longer composition, and also finding the right balance between traditonal post rock, the addition of synths and machines and the texts for the film.” – guitarist Maxime Ingrand

Lost in Kiev finally return with their long-awaited 3rd album and most astounding work to date, ‘Persona’.

The Parisian meta-post-rock outfit has always been one of the few truly suggestive post-rock bands: They do lack a vocalist, and yet their music is prosaic, cinematic and deeply saturated with anecdotes, philosophical reflections and stories.

Lost in Kiev

Raw and driven, yet oozing with thick synth textures and a great sense of melancholy and drama, ‘Persona’, released through Pelagic Records, sees Lost in Kiev further expand their own idiosyncratic take on cinematic, contemporary post rock.

Written and conceptualised to be reflections on humanity in a fictional futuristic context where artificial intelligence is fully implemented into everyday life, ‘Persona’does not impose any sort of political or moral position on the topic: Lost in Kiev create fictional characters and let them talk, breathe, cry and live through intimate stories and cathartic experiences on a screen behind the band, while they perform live.

Track list

01 Persona • 02 Lifelooper® • 03 The Incomplete • 04 XM3216 • 05 Pygmalion • 06 Mindfiles •
07 Psyche • 08 Thumos • 09 Mecasocialis

EXCLUSIVE: Listen now

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