The Swing Collective

The Swing Collective at East City Live [Interview]

The Swing Collective

East City Live at Harringtons Cape Town

The Swing Collective provides a touch of class and enjoyable toe-tapping swing music reminiscent of the roaring 20s. With its’ post-modern jukebox approach to modern-day pop and timeless classics like Livin’ La Vida Loca by Ricky Martin, Toxic by Britney Spears and the theme song to everyone’s favourite childhood show, Gummy Bears, The Swing Collective is always a special treat.

The Swing Collective will be performing at East City Live at Harringtons in Cape Town this Thursday, 21 March 2019! I caught up with Claire de Kock, saxophonist en band manager, to find out more about the group and what we can expect from the show on Thursday.

For any of my readers who do not know your story, how did the Swing Collective start out?

The Swing Collective started out in 2016 when a group of like-minded professional musicians started jamming different pop songs and adding a jazz or swing twist to it. We enjoyed it so much and had a similar sense of humour, so we decided to make it Facebook official and play at various music venues and got into the corporate entertainment scene.

And how would you sum each member up in no more than three words?

Lana Crowster: Curls and jokes

Luke Otto: Brooklyn 99 officiando

Rouzanna Coxson: Tinkler of ivories

Damian Kamineth: Bringer of groove

Cool! So, who picks out the songs you play at sets?

The song process is very much a band effort. If one of us hears a new or classic song and think it could use our vintage-twist, we bring it to rehearsal and take it from there as a group.

What can fans look forward to from your East City Live set at Harringtons this coming Thursday?

Fans can expect some old favourites (like the Gummy Bears theme song) and some new arrangements, which we’ll keep a surprise for Thursday!

Haha, okay! So, what’s cool about playing at Harringtons?

It’s always a pleasure to play at Harringtons because of the discerning crowd the venue attracts and the atmosphere they create in and amongst the swanky decor. We’d also always get treated really well as musicians and it’s always a smooth show to put on.

And what are your plans for the rest of 2019?

Our plans for 2019 are to arrange as many new and classic songs as possible and give them The Swing Collective treatment!

Join East City live this Thursday!

East City Live is a weekly treat at Harringtons in Cape Town, showcasing a selection of talented and extraordinary musicians.

Acts start at 8 pm and ENTRY IS FREE!


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