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Five must-haves from Superbalist for your next travelling adventure

My Superbalist Travel Wishlist

Have you ever planned an amazing road trip or vacation to a dream location, but felt super uncomfortable travelling? Yes, I’m talking about the clothes you carefully planned for the trip! For me, travelling is all about comfort. Sometimes you have to sit for long hours, so I always make sure I wear clothes that are super cosy and effortless to wear. I like to go for loose-fitting items that are easy to move in. I’ve recently put together a wishlist from Superbalist for cool items for my next trip.

Choose a dress – yes, really!

Contrary to what some believe, dresses can actually be a great choice for travelling and incredibly comfortable. Go for a dress that’s not too long; You want to be able to move freely (Just think about all the positions we sometimes end up in on long trips!). Online dress shopping is so easy with Superbalist! Simply scroll to the category, apply your filters and shop. This Carissa baby doll mini dress is a beautiful, loose-fitting dress, perfect for all seasons. In burgundy and white, you can pair it with literally anything.

Superbalist Dress

Always pack sunglasses

You can’t travel without a pair of stylish sunglasses. Don’t forget to pack it! I love these Cat-eye sunglasses from Mango in black.

Sunglasses black

Pack a backpack

Of course, you will need a bag to keep with you on the road or plane. I always go for a backpack, it is so easy to carry. I am crazy about the Btanya bag by Steve Madden. It will add that extra pop of colour to your outfit.
Superbalist Bag

Invest in a jacket

You most certainly don’t want to get uncomfortably cold while travelling. Invest in a quality jacket or coat you can wear all year round. This Longline black denim jacket is the perfect find.


Go for comfy shoes

One thing that you really can’t compromise on is comfortable shoes. Rather spend a little bit extra on a pair of quality sneakers than have your shoes squeeze your feet half-way through the trip. No one wants to sit with sore feet and legs while travelling. The W Sambarose by Adidas is a favourite!


Travelling should be a fun experience. One that shouldn’t be spoiled by uncomfortable clothes. Make sure you choose items that fit you well and that are easy to move in. The better you feel, the better you’ll look too!

Make your own wishlist

Go make your own wishlist on Superbalist and let me know which items are your favourites for travelling. Happy shopping, readers.



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