South African International Tattoo Convention 2019

5 Minutes With SA International Tattoo Convention’s Organisers

South African International Tattoo Convention 2019

South African International Tattoo Convention 2019

“This convention is all about the diversity that exist in tattoo styles, showcasing 90 tattooers specialising in over 15 styles of tattooing.”

The South African International Tattoo Convention returns to Cape Town for the 3rd annual show, with an upscaled offering of tattooers, bands and an even bigger experience for visitors.

There is something genuine and special about this global meeting place of artists. It offers a top-quality tattooing experience in a professional environment, where you will receive world-class advice and have a wide selection of tattoo styles to choose from.

This year, attendees can look forward to a collection of 90 tattooers from over 15 different countries! I caught up with the organisers of the event to find out more about what we can expect at this year’s convention.

I had a quick chat with the organisers to find out more:

Please give some background around the South African International Tattoo Convention. Why was this event established and how long has it been going?

The convention was a natural evolution for founder Waldo Del Rocca, being a travelling tattooer and owner of the highly reputable traditional tattoo shop, Cape Electric Tattoo here In Cape Town.

Waldo Del Rocca has been travelling all over the world for over seven years and wanted to build an opportunity where the international community could come hang out and experience South Africa, as well as share their skill and love of tattooing with local tattooers and public. In the end, supporting in the evolution of South African tattooing and just building a community and friendships within the arts.

Awesome! So, who are the organisers behind the South African International Tattoo Convention?

The South African Tattoo Convention was founded by owner and operator of Cape Electric Tattoo, Waldo Del Rocca. Cape Electric is the official host of this international tattoo convention managed by Romy van Tonder.

Where will the event be held this year, and what’s special about this venue? Also, is the tattoo convention family-friendly?

The Lookout in Granger Bay in the V&A Waterfront is the home of the SAITC for the unforeseeable future. We selected this venue because of its closeness to the ocean and the natural elements of nature, sunlight and Cape Town’s beauty. We’re inspired by this venue, and we feel it is very important for artists to work in an inspiring spcae.

The venue allows us plenty space for indoor and outdoor fun, such as a deck bar with views, a beer tent, live music, food trucks as well as the indoor tattoo hall.

We encourage families to come with their kids to experience the culture of tattooing in this professional and responsible environment.

South African International Tattoo Convention 2019

So cool! So, for anyone wanting to get a tattoo at the event, especially first-timers, what advice do you have?

Convention culture is a WALK-UP culture. This convention is also all about the diversity that exist in tattoo styles, showcasing 90 tattooers specialising in over 15 styles of tattooing.  We recommend you come and browse the work of the artists before you make any decisions. You should be blown away by what there will be on offer! Select an artist who’s style speaks to you, discuss your tattoo idea with that artists or select a drawing from one of the artist’s drawings or flash-sheet paintings.

Should one book in advance?

If you have your heart absolutely set on one artists, you could reach out before the event. Alternatively, buy a weekend pass and just go chat to the tattooer you like and they should be able to accommodate you over the course of the weekend. There are 90 artists, so there will be plenty of options and time to get tattooed at the show.

What will be different at this year’s event, compared to last year?

We have engaged the South African alternative music culture alot more in this show, growing from two to six bands forming the lineup this year. This year, we will also offer foosball tables and air hockey! There will also be an MC and great prize giveaways. We’ve also added a chocolatier, coffee lounge and more vendors in the market area!

Which local artists are you most looking forward to having at the event this year?

Tamar Thorn – The Body Architects – Neo traditional

Anna Wayshall – Trademark Tattoo – Back folk style tattoos

Doker Irie – Cape Electric Tattoo – Western Japanese

Waldo Del Rocca – Cape Eclectic Tattoo – American Traditional

John James Case – The body architects – Sacred Geometry

And which international artists should we look out for?

Alice Carrier – Botanical style

Greg Whitehead – Neo Traditional and Western Japanese

Clemens Hahn – Neo Traditional – Western Japanese

Bob Geerts – American Traditional

South African International Tattoo Convention 2019

What else can we look forward to except for all the amazing tattoo artists and art?

A killer lineup of music! We have six live bands, including the Runaway Nuns, Retro Dizzy, The Dinosaurs, The Thirty `Eights, The Sublime Tribute Show (who only performs once a year, will be doing a special performance for our event) and more!

Great food, we have done a themed food court and paired them with a lovely selection of drinks. Mexican and margarita jugs, a burger bar with great whiskey, etc.

It’s going to be a great time. See you there!

SAITC 2019 details

29-30-31 March 2019

The Lookout, V&A Waterfront.




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