Chilled Alaskan DJ releases new EP ‘Battlelines’

Chilled Alaskan DJ

Chilled Alaskan DJ returns with new music

After eight years, Chilled Alaskan DJ released new material. ‘Battlelines’ is a 4-track EP made by David van Rensburg, Cape Town-based DJ and former guitarist of the late-90s band Onoxshis. It encompasses a variety of different sound textures, including guitar riffs, well-produced techno beats, and recorded and sampled vocals. David himself wrote, produced, played, and recorded the whole EP.

The new work consists of four songs. Although the rich soundscape and strong instrumentals stand out first, all the songs have a deeper meaning. They were inspired by and are an expression of all-encompassing problems, including police brutality, global warming, and facism. In short, the EP is about all of the human inventions that arise from insecurity and ignorance.

Sonically, every track is a psychedelic journey. However, each track has its own specific style.

‘Freakshow’ is a hard-hitting instrumental with some robotic “kraftwerkian” vocals that give it a industrial-like feel. ‘Midnight’ then comes at a slower speed, but hits you with its harder soundscape. ‘Mirror murder mother’ is a dance-punk piece with solid vocals that continue to carry the haunted feel through the EP. And at the end, you are treated with a slower almost acoustic composition with ‘The end of the universe’. This track underlines the journey through the many different sounds and states that the EP took you through.

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