Die Heuwels Fantasties launches new album

Herbeveel: Classic Heuwels hits, refreshed and rebooted.

Last week, Die Heuwels Fantasties released their new album, Herverbeel. With the new offering, the band reimagines some of their most popular songs with acoustic renditions and fresh collaborations. The album features well-known artists Tresor, Tarryn Lamb, Laudo Liebenberg, Ampie, Die Krefies, Loki and Margot Rothman, and others.

About the brand-new single ‘Hardloop Weg’

Fans can look forward to hearing a brand-new song in the opening track, ‘Hardloop Weg.’ Pierre Greeff wrote the song early in the morning on his phone.

Commenting on the writing process, Greeff said the “song wrote itself”, coming easily to the South African singer. The single ‘Hardloop Weg’ was released last Friday, a week before the album’s release.

The video for ‘Hardloop Weg’ was shot with the band over two days, with popular actress, Rolanda Marais, as the leading lady.

Watch ‘Hardloop Weg’

Listen to the album here.

H E R V E R B E E L track list
1. Hardloop Weg
2. Shangri-la (feat. Tresor)
3. Praat Met My (feat. Die Krefies)
4. Ek Is Aan Jou Kant (feat. Loki Rothman)
5. Mejuffrou Sonneblom (feat. Margot)
6. Doodgewone Aand (feat. Chxrl)
7. Lieg Net Vir My (feat. Laudo)
8. Beloofde Land (Acoustic) [feat. Richard Onraet]
9. Sy (Acoustic) [feat. Danny Smoke]
10. Ons Moet Leef (Akoesties) [feat. Ampie]
11. Oorlewing 101 (Orchestral)
12. Buitenste Ruim (Herverbeel)
13. Verwag My Terug (feat. TJ Terblanché)
14. Leja (Acoustic)
15. Ek Mis Jou (Acoustic Live At The Baxter Theatre) [feat. Tarryn Lamb]
16. Nare Kaskenades (Akoesties) [Bonus]
17. In en Uit (Akoesties) [Bonus] 18. Tyd [Bonus]
16. Nare Kaskenades (Akoesties) [Bonus]
17. In en Uit (Akoesties) [Bonus]
18. Tyd [Bonus]

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