‘EET KREEF HERLEEF!’ Music Film Coming Soon

Eet Kreef Herleef

Premiere Saturday 4 July 2020

I am a Johannes Kerkorrel fan. I’m amazed at just how relevant these tunes still are, 30 years later. – Frank Freeman

Some of the most talented rockers in Cape Town teamed up to give new life to the late-80s satirical album ‘EET KREEF!’ by Johannes Kerkorrel and Die Gereformeerde Blues Band. Back then, they made headlines and ‘EET KREEF!’ became one of the top iconic alternative Afrikaans album releases at the time.

The album was recorded at Sunset Recording Studios in 2019 and the process was filmed and produced by Supra Familias and Frank Freeman. The music film titled “Eet Kreef Herleef vanaf Sunset Recording Studios” consists of the tracks as recorded for the album, as well as interviews with bandmembers Laudo Liebenberg, Frank Freeman, Schalk van der Merwe, as well as Jannie “Hanepoot” van Tonder from the original Gereformeerde Blues Band.

The live shows came first and when the opportunity opened up to also record the ‘EET KREEF HERLEEF!’ album, we felt that it must be recorded live, with all the band members playing together in a room – just like the live shows that we have been playing. – Frank Freeman

Tune in at 19h30 on Saturday 4 July for the premiere of this extraordinary doccie film.

Eet Kreef Herleef

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Saturday 4 July 19h30 – Tickets R100

Watch ‘Liefde (Herleef)’ from ‘EET KREEF HERLEEF!’

EET KREEF HERLEEF! was produced by Frank Freeman; recorded and mixed by Jurgen von Wechmar at Sunset Recording Studios in Stellenbosch and mastered by Tim Lengfeld at TL Mastering. All tracks written by Johannes Kerkorrel and Die Gereformeerde Blues Band.

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