EMERGER Pays Tribute To Their Hometown In Debut Music Video


EMERGER releases debut music video for their track ‘Urban Wilderness’

“We hope you enjoy the music video as much as we loved making it.”

The songwriting duo, Emma (lead vocals/piano) and Gerry (multi-instrumentalist/producer), met at high school and went on to study music at the University of Cape Town. It was during this time in which they formed EMERGER. They have now released their debut music video for their track ‘Urban Wilderness’.

In the music video, EMERGER takes audiences on a nostalgic journey through the forests and city scenes of Cape Town, their hometown. Contrasting moments glisten through a dreamlike montage of the duo’s beloved Mother City: golden hour ambles along the Sea Point Promenade, a stroll through the Company’s Gardens, and hiking Table Mountain’s Platteklip Gorge, portray some of the duo’s favourite pastimes. Woodlands surrounding the duo’s alma mater become an organic playground for a colourful meandering of slow-motion smoke flares. Tall trees polarise concrete skyscrapers in interspersed city scenes. The music video is directed by De Goede and Matthee, who collaborated with cinematographers, Kyle Wesson and Hugo Brand.


‘Urban Wilderness’, off their debut EP Bloom, is a mid-tempo electronica song with cinematic textures and subtle allusions to their jazz influence. De Goede delivers a captivating performance with her rich voice and soaring vocal melody. Dreamy instrumentals flow as an arabesque of piano, guitar and synthesizer melodies, which is climaxed by an interplay between jazzy vocals and a crooning flugelhorn solo.

“I wrote this song as a homage to Cape Town. In essence, it’s about wanting to see where life can take you while staying grounded in your roots,” – Matthee.

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