Fall in love with Kollege’s debut dingle

Kollege’s single, ‘A Love Song’, is out now across all digital platforms.

Kollege released their debut single at the end of November. The South African duo, Campbell and Jordy, described the song as an indie-pop “lovers’ ballad.”

The duo’s debut song captured pop lovers’ attention with its charming mix of soul-soothing and head-bopping tune. Kollege said they were humbled and also very stoked about the early ‘Christmas present’ in the form of this release.

Kollege counted itself fortunate to work with their deeply cherished friends Dom and Jude from Easy Freak to deliver this dreamy delight. Jordy’s love of jazzy chords on the guitar is perfectly balanced.

A stunning backdrop

The group released ‘A love Song’ with a quirky music video to steal the hearts of fans. The duo roamed freely atop Northcliff Hill, showing their real selves, relaxed and at ease, against one of South Africa’s most scenic views.

Kollege makes fans feel like they could be friends, because Jordy and Campbell want to be friends with their audience. This pair is as relatable as their music!

Watch the video for ‘A Love Song.’

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