Die Heuwels Fantasties Are Back With A New Album

Heuwels Fantasties

Die Heuwels Fantasties Release ‘2021’

“‘2021’ comes to the table with a DIY, be yourself kinda vibe. With tracks like ‘Min worries’ and ‘Ons moet leef’ we tried to string the past, future and present together to arrive at an overall feeling of self-awareness underpinned by a strong sense of humanity and empathy. ” – Fred de Hartog

Afrikaans alternative rockers Die Heuwels Fantasties have released their latest offering, ‘2021’.  The new album consists of 15 new tracks that were recorded at Sunset Recording Studios in Stellenbosch. They plan to launch the album through a virtual party on 30 May.

DHF collaborated with a variety of artists on some of the tracks, including Arno Carstens, Tarryn Lamb, Jack Parow, Francois van Coke, Johnny de Ridder, Ampie, TJ Terblanché and Pierre Pressure.

About the upcoming release, Pierre Greeff said: “We’re very excited to launch an album with a full-on live, online show for the first time. We’ll be sending our album to you over the ether of the internet with VISUALS, LIGHTING, the full band and it will come to you 100% LIVE in the comfort of your home. We’re excited that everyone will be able to join in from all around the world! It’s going to be a treat!”

Heuwels Fantasties

Fred den Hartog adds that the collaborations made the album even more special. “We love the strong focus on collabs and collaboration throughout the creative process – from composition, through to production and performances. What sets this album apart is that it was completed in the time of COVID-19 isolation; this was the home stretch in which everything had to come together. We felt a heightened sense of longing for human contact and togetherness and this makes these collabs even more special. The title, ‘2021’ is also a projection of hope that things will be better again next year.”

The hit songs that make up the existing Die Heuwels Fantasties discography have become a vital part of South African music culture in recent years. Pierre Greeff says that they try to capture the personal space they’re in and the progression they’ve made as individuals and friends with each album they release.

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