Leon John Releases New EP

Leon John

Leon John releases new EP, ‘To Be Continued’

“Above and beyond my desire to tell stories as a songwriter, my intention with this EP was to create an exhibition of my capabilities as a musician in terms of my influences and inspirations as a young contemporary artist.– Leon John

Leon John has just released a brand-new EP, ‘To Be Continued’. The EP is a re-release of his 2018 offering, with two additional live bonus tracks.

‘To Be Continued’ is the culmination of years of self-doubt and fear on Leon John’s part to put any of his music out into the world on permanent record. Until then, his music has always been a place of solace for him, and to imagine people listening to what is often very honest accounts of his most personal thoughts, made him feel extremely vulnerable.

Leon John

After experiencing an overwhelming amount of support for a show that he did at The Orbit in 2017 where he saw that people cared to listen to his stories and wanted to take his stories home with them, he realised it would be a disservice to himself and the people to not release a record; thus this EP, was born.

Recorded at Downtown Music Hub and co-produced by Leon John and his band members, his aim was to capture the essence of a live show, with the same electricity and raw energy as a live stage. Everything on the EP from top to bottom was recorded live.

Buy / Stream To Be Continued here

Photo by Lexia Roussos Photography.

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