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Oooth releases video for ‘No Race’

The new Oooth music video is for the song off their debut album ‘Who Cares What You Think’, released in November 2018. Sonically, ‘No Race’ is a solid rock classic with some punky riffs. The lyrics were written by singer Jason Oosthuizen. In this song, Jason writes about racial issues, which are so real in South Africa and around the world.

As Jason points out: “The song is about growing up not knowing I was living at a preference being white and later finding out that I would be paying the price for being a certain skin colour among many other messed up things happening due to racial issues. I think the chorus line projects how I feel “No race, no colour. Who you gonna fight with now that there is only each other”. Personally I think that I am really over racism in all shapes and forms.”

The music video was shot during the lockdown. It includes footage from Oooth’s performance on the MGG Productions stage at Play it forward Online live show. The show raised awareness for Tattooers Unite SA & Feed Our Crew.

“I thought it would be cool to give our fans a perspective of how live shows were in a time when we weren’t able to go out and experience a live show. The setting was also just perfect, so I wanted to take the opportunity to have a live performance as a music video, while I shared the stage with some of my good friends.”, said Jason about the video.

You can stream or buy ‘No Race’ here.

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