Rob Warren releases ‘Just Believe’ for the class of 2020

Rob Warren from The Black Lapels releases beautiful new single

‘Everything works the way it should, if you just believe there’ll be a better day.’

Most people can clearly remember their Matric year, the highlight of their school career; the year they got to be THE seniors, finally the big fish in the small pond.

However, for the matric class of 2020 the universe had other plans. ‘Just Believe’ is a song composed by Rob Warren of The Black Lapels for the class of 2020 at Thomas More College in KwaZulu-Natal. Rob wrote the song following a brief chat with friend and Thomas More College board member Gary Green. The message of the song is simple ‘Just Believe.’

Response to the song has been overwhelming and humbling, ‘Its and amazing thing when something you made resonates with people, the song has brought comfort and hope to me and I hope it does so not only for the Matric Class of 2020 at Thomas More College but to all who hear it also,’ says Rob Warren.

Watch ‘Just Believe’

Rob Warren is a singer, songwriter, producer and the front man of slick Durban trio The Black Lapels. 2020 saw Rob and The Black Lapels take a well-deserved sabbatical (all be it not self-imposed). Lockdown provided a lot of space to create without the pressure of time, The Black Lapels will be releasing new music and launching a new stage show as the industry starts to open up.

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