‘SAFE’ Launched To help Events Industry

South African Fund 4 Entertainment

South African Fund 4 Entertainment

“The local entertainment industry is fighting for the unsung heroes and heroines of every event that you got to enjoy prior to Covid-19.”

As the economic effect of COVID-19 unfolds, the live events and entertainment industry will be among the hardest hit; the first to be affected and the last to recover. Even after the lockdown ends, the ban on mass gatherings is unlikely to be lifted for some time. This has a direct impact on tens of thousands of people, with more than 500 local events already cancelled or postponed over the next few months.

Recognising the need for a united effort to raise funds and support the hard-hit industry and its most vulnerable, companies and individuals across the live events, nightclubs, festivals and the like have come together to launch SAFE (South African Fund 4 Entertainment).

In the short-term, the hardest hit will be hourly workers, technical set-up crews, security officers, cleaners, fencing staff, décor companies’ set-up crews, barmen, waiters, and more. The list is exhaustive, and the effect potentially catastrophic. 

Many thousands of these individuals are the main breadwinners in their households and will find themselves with no income; they cannot simply switch things up and take the show online. But we can.

SAFE has been created to fill this gap.

As its first initiative to raise funds via donations, SAFE has partnered with Pick ‘n Pay Feed The Nation and a number of event industry leaders to support these hourly workers with food vouchers. These vouchers will allow them to go to their nearest Pick ‘n Pay for a hamper of essentials.

How will donations work?

Fundraising will be done via different methods organised by members of the entertainment community. From online streaming events to heartfelt messages calling for support of various causes. All organisers, DJs, artists and performers are encouraged to create and host their own initiatives, pledging support to SAFE.

Events and initiatives hosted on the SAFE events platform can accept donations online, or via ticket/voucher sales. A SAFE donation QR code or weblink can also be issued to support initiatives hosted on other platforms. Donations can be made online at https://safefund.org.za/ or by direct EFT.

It’s important to note that SAFE itself is not the organiser of these initiatives, it is the NPO used to raise funds from the various initiatives and channel those funds to where they are needed most.

Where exactly will donations from events go?

SAFE will work with nightlife and event supply chain companies to identify those most in need and deliver the vouchers via their employers or former employers. SAFE funds will be distributed to applicants by a diverse panel of people who represent at-risk groups and various stakeholders in our entertainment industry. The selection process is quick and simple and aims to prioritise the most vulnerable and unable to access other financial support.

In due course different initiatives and distributions will be determined based on the needs of the industry.

Each Pick ‘n Pay Feed The Nation hamper is a basket of specific items at a cost to SAFE of R600. It can feed a family of five for a month or longer and includes essential items like maize, rice, oil and sugar.

How can you help?

SAFE is calling on you, event organisers, festival promoters, concert promoters, MC’s DJs, bands, industry sponsors, suppliers, agencies, exhibitors, platforms, labels, publishers and venues. Dream big and create your own initiative, streaming event or call to action. 

To get your unique SAFE ticket link so your community can support the voucher campaign or to setup your own initiative right away or Get a SAFE DonateQR Register on http://safefund.org.za

SAFE is calling on all the brands and sponsors who have helped to build this amazing industry. Engage with SAFE here: help@safelive.events

SAFE is calling on Government and corporates to step up and match donations. Commit to SAFE here: help@safelive.events

And, if you’re a business that has been affected or crippled by COVID-19 and you have many affected workers please apply on the website for support. Register on http://safefund.org.za to find out how SAFE can help you.

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