Zebraman Celebrates the Holidays with New Single

Four-piece indie-pop dance group, Zebraman released a new single to mark the holiday season. Titled ‘December’, the new offering follows the group’s debut single ‘Green Lovin’ and their self-titled debut EP released earlier this year.

Hailing from Potchefstroom, Zebraman consists of Johan Viljoen on Vocals and Guitar, Jan-Meyer Verhoef on Keyboard, Wouter Möller on Drums and Franzua ‘Zua’ van den Heever on Bass. The band celebrates diversity in music, drawing inspiration from different styles around the world and in South Africa.

A symbolic time

With the new single, Zebraman worked with poet Luan von Brandis. The song started out with only a guitar line to write lyrics around. The group could not get the idea of the song out of their heads after hearing the guitar line. Finally, the new song took form with the vocals tying things together. When the group wrote the song in July, the holidays seemed quite far away. But now, it is finally here and it’s the perfect track for the holidays!

Looking towards a better future, frontman Johan Viljoen explained that “December has a type of symbolic meaning that the year has to come to an end and we could finally take a breath.”

A colourful and energetic offering

Freedom, love and sacrifice are everyday themes, cementing the appeal of Zebraman with its colourful and energetic offering. Full of summer-like electric guitar with hard-hitting drums and a fat bass, the band pays tribute to local South African percussion elements with ‘December’. It’s the perfect tune to vibe and drive to.

Buy or stream ‘December’ here

Get Zebraman’s EP here

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