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Africa’s first affordable luxury watch brand

ASOROCK WATCHES was founded in 2016 by Ben and Andrew, two best friends and recent college graduates, and started selling in 2018.

They have had a passion for watches their whole lives but found name brand watches expensive and over-priced, while it only cost a fraction of the price to produce. The two friends then made it their mission to cut out the high retail markup of popular name brands. Today, ASOROCK WATCHES stand as Africa’s first affordable luxury watch brand. To offer fairly-priced, premium watches at unbeatable prices, ASOROCK took the direct-to-consumer approach.

The ASOROCK range consists of beautifully made pieces that are protected by an industry-leading 2-year international warranty. Since their formation they have released two collections, The Speedracer Collection and The Monolith Collection.

Rose Gold Speedracer
Silver/White Monolith

View the range.

Uplifting Africa

The two friends share the vision to use some of the profits to uplift African communities through free libraries, hospitals and educational facilities.

ASOROCK WATCHES’ mission statement is​ “manufacture premium quality watches as leverage to build free libraries in rural areas across the African continent” and ​their vision statement is​ to “have various free fully functional schools and free hospitals built in Africa by 2035 with an ASOROCK COLLECTIVE store in the famous shopping districts of the world.”

However, they require the funds to get their projects started.

They have now assembled a team of other like-minded individuals to create a fantastically made watch that they can sell and use part of the profit to achieve the ultimate dream of contributing significantly to changing Africa.

The project will be funded through Kickstarter.

What is Kickstarter?

Kickstarter is a crowdfunding platform that​ exists to help bring creative projects like this one to life​ through the direct support of others.

How is ASOROCK WATCHES using it?

ASOROCK WATCHES is using Kickstarter ​to raise funds to produce a mass (but limited) quantity of their first line of women’s watches rightfully called “The FirstLady”. This would enable them to continue building free libraries across the African continent through the sales of the watches.

The Firstlady

Last year, the team raised the funds to mass-produce their Monolith and Speed Racer series. The Speed Racer has since been sold out.

This year, the team plans to offer the new watches at 40% off on Kickstarter. And once a collection is sold out, it is never made again!

“Not only do you get a fantastically made watch at a discount price through Kickstarter, but you also improve the life of an African child.” – ASOROCK WATCHES

ASOROCK WATCHES is live on Kickstarter.

View the project now.

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