Cooking with Goedgedacht’s new ‘goed’ range

Goed Range

Goedgedacht Trading launches exciting goed range

“The word ‘goed’ in a local context means good and we’ve always wanted this brand and this company to do goed in our communities, on our farm and for our consumers.” – Rob Templeton 

Proudly South African company Goedgedacht Trading, founded almost two decades ago, has just launched a new range of their award-winning extra virgin olive oils and related foods. 

“It was time for Goedgedacht Trading to focus on building its own brand,” declares Rob Templeton, whose father, Peter, co-founded the Goedgedacht Trust near Riebeek Kasteel in the Swartland with his wife Anne, in 1993. It is from the name Goedgedacht that the exciting new brand’s look and feel was derived.

The heart of the Goedgedacht Farm is the olive trees planted on its slopes. Olives were chosen as the preferred crop because of their resistance to the impact of climate change on the West Coast.

“It takes the olive tree years to bear fruit,” says Rob. “And when that happened there would need to be a business to process those olives into oil. That is how the idea for the trading company came about.”

Goed Range

Today, this business produces over 50 000L of extra virgin olive oil from the 33ha of trees on the farm and from faithful growers who supply them with world-class fruit.

The goed range consists of extra virgin olive oils and related products, including table olives, olive paste and fruit-infused oil-free salad dressings. 

Dirty Pink City’s favourite goed products 

Goed Range

I had the pleasure of trying out some of the goed products. While every single product had something special and unique, the following three brought magic to the kitchen: 

Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Blended from the finest Italian cultivars, this olive oil is pure liquid gold. It’s incredibly versatile and can be used as cooking, dipping and dressing oil.

Olive Paste: This smooth paste is made from the olives harvested from Kalamata Olive Trees. It makes a great dip or paste for breads or crackers. 

Cranberry Infused Dressing Spritz: This versatile oil-free dressing can be used to liven up just about any dish. It comes in a glass bottle and is easy to spritz over dishes. It is available in various vinegar-based infusions: blueberry, blackberry, cranberry and lime.

What makes goed special?

Just looking at the range’s beautiful, bright labels, it has a feel-good and happy quality. Through the bright illustrations expressing the people and environment, it will add some colour and happiness to any kitchen! 

Proceeds from the sale of these products also go back into the Goedgedacht Trust to enable them to build vibrant, thriving, self-sustainable rural communities in South Africa.

For a buyer, that means goed not only comes with the proven record of quality but is also a sale for social good – a #PurchaseWithPurpose.

Goed Range

“The brand is focused on helping communities to thrive. Goedgedacht Trading has been operating for 17 years supporting the Trust, all geared towards giving back and helping those in need. It is deeply rooted in heritage and has many stories to tell about the vision, the farm and the people. We wanted to create a visual language that encapsulated that.”

The goed range is now available to purchase online and direct to the public. To order, go to the online shop at

How to Support Goedgedacht Trading 

Purchasing goed is one way of assisting Goedgedacht Trading with its mission to support the work of the Goedgedacht Trust. Another is supporting one of its worthy causes. Please do visit to see more of the work of the Goedgedacht Trust.

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