Spectacular Live Shows? Your Own At-home Studio? Here’s How.

Get the equipment you need to work from home without buying 

Like millions around the world, we South Africans are also stuck at home right now. It’s been two months(!!) and the lockdown has really started to take its toll; We’re tired of being indoors, we’ve taken salary cuts and some of us have even lost jobs. This has pushed us to think differently, to be creative in what we’re able to offer. Many businesses have started offering online shopping and deliveries, and meetings have moved to Zoom and Skype. While some can follow a sort-of-normal routine, it’s not so simple for others.

The live show challenge

If you’re an artist, you’re one of the most affected; Events are a thing of the past and it’s stressing you out because you can’t earn from your art if you can’t show it to your fans. It’s a business after all, right? So, many artists have now opted to do live online shows; From big internationals like Rolling Stones to our local favourites, Ard Matthews and Arno Carstens. And while this has been successful for some, it’s a real challenge for others. You have to consider internet speeds, sound and visuals. What’s a show without it?

If you want to go live online, you need proper audio-visual equipment. You can’t put on Rocking the Daisies, but you can make it spectacular. You probably have a tight budget right now too, but luckily, you don’t have to buy anything; Rental Planet offers easy and affordable equipment rental! Yup, from speakers to mics and cables, you can set up your own stage in your bedroom.

Set Up Your Show

Get off the couch 

If you’re forced to work from home right now, you’ll know that it can actually be a challenge. You’re probably working from your bed or couch and it’s making you feel very unproductive. So, how about setting up your own studio or office? You’ve seen those fancy home-offices on Pinterest, it’s time to bring it home! And because budgets are tight and we don’t know how long this pandemic is going to last, you can conveniently rent everything you need from Rental Planet.

If you’re done working in awkward spots, get your own comfy studio going. From back-supporting office chairs to proper computer desktops, browse Rental Planet’s range of office equipment for hire, which you can conveniently rent for your new space as long as you’d like. 

Set Up Your Space

Take deliveries to a new level

If you have set up a small business during this time – congrats! In this challenging time, setting up something new is a major accomplishment. If you’re selling some sort of product, you may need a way to deliver it to customers. Even if business is not booming yet, it will soon, so consider renting a trailer! It’s a convenient and affordable way to serve your goods.

Deliver Goods Conveniently

About Rental Planet

Rental Planet is a trusted online rental marketplace consolidating the entire rental market into one platform. They connect individuals who want to hire equipment to people and businesses who need it.

Rental Planet are building the opportunity to use better quality products and equipment. Whether it’s a top of the range camera or a dress for that special event, they’ve got you covered.

Don’t create an additional supply of products that already exist in excess when one can simply rent them when required!

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