Make the holidays eco-friendly with Mybaguse

South Africa’s top sustainable gift

Thousands of miles of wrapping paper will be used and binned for the festive period in South Africa. Mybaguse urges consumers to reduce unnecessary waste from the holidays with its reusable bags. 

Driven by a passion for an eco-friendlier life, the company is an industry leader in reusable, foldable totes.

Founder and CEO, Jade Du Toit conceived the brand after a family holiday up the West Coast of South Africa.  While walking up the shore with her kids, she could not believe the amount of plastic built up on the beach. It was this experience that inspired her to join the eco-revolution. The company is now a thought-leader in sustainable fashion with

“The biggest surprise to me over the past years has been the dramatic shift in market preference toward our environmental values,” Jade says.

Get a reusable bag

Give the gift of sustainability this festive period. offers a wide range of colorful, durable bags with kitty and fish totes for animal lovers. Get your bag today or buy one as a gift for a loved one.

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