We Kill Cowboys releases debut EP, ‘Let It Burn’

We Kill Cowboys

Cape Town-born and raised Alex Muller is no one new to the local music scene. After 15 years of performing with various bands, she finally released her first solo-written EP, under the name We Kill Cowboys. 

About Alex Muller

We Kill Cowboys

Music was an integral part of her life from a young age. She has a vivid memory of being played Nina Simone at the age of three and demanding it to be played on a daily basis for the months to come. From that point on it was clear, music was her language. From the age of seven, she became obsessed with playing the piano and it was then that her musical journey began.

Alex grew up in the local underground scene, performing at skate parks and venues with her first punk band, Just Jack, at the age of 16. She fronted the band, played trumpet and soon began sharing the stage with her musical idols, Hog Hoggidy Hog, Fuzigish and The Rudimentals, to name a few.

Moving on a few years, she met her best friend and musical soul sister, Dominique Otto and the two became inseparable. They dreamed of playing in a band together and after a few years, their dream came into fruition and Peachy Keen was formed.

The band blew up the underground South African music scene from the start and soon signed with Sheer Music. The band toured extensively, performing and headlining most of the festivals around South Africa. During this time, Alex also worked as a music promoter, booking events for various venues around Cape Town, as well as organising tours for travelling bands.

After an incredibly successful five-year run, Alex fell pregnant with her first child and began her next chapter in life. Now a mom, she started working as a studio manager at The Body Architects Tattoo Studio, while still performing and touring with various well-known bands around Cape Town. After 3 years working in the tattoo studio, she became a full-time tattoo artist and then went onto becoming a proud co-owner.

During this time, Alex missed writing and performing her own music. Besides her love of punk music, Alex was always drawn to old Appalachian country music, as well as grunge and psychedelic rock. When COVID-19 hit, the South African shores and lockdown loomed, Alex took the opportunity to finally start writing her own songs again.

About We Kill Cowboys

We Kill Cowboys

Once lockdown levels eased sufficiently, Alex got together with her life-long friend, Jon Shaban, and started recording her music at Sit The Folk Down Studio and a new musical project was born, We Kill Cowboys. Writing about views on world issues and the human condition, her music comes straight from the heart, as a way to connect. To make it even more special, she’s had the pleasure of having some of her oldest friends, who she grew up with in the local punk scene, record and track her first solo written songs.

We Kill Cowboys is music that speaks about going against the establishment. It’s honest, real and raw.

On the 5th of March, she released her debut EP ‘Let It Burn’, which was produced and mixed by Jon Shaban at Sit the Folk Down studio.

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