Zebraman Releases New Single


Zebraman releases ‘Radio Romeo’

“RADIO ROMEO is, to a certain extent, our most musical and lyrically challenging offering thus far.” – Johan Viljoen.

Zebraman has released their first brand-new offering of 2021 on Valentine’s Day, entitled ‘Radio Romeo’. This comes after the release of their previous two official singles, ‘December’ and ‘Green & Lovin”, and their debut self-titled EP in 2020.

‘Radio Romeo’ is Zebraman’s first nostalgic offering. The song has a lighthearted vocal energy with a driven rhythmic urgency heard from the rest of the band. The drums and synths are retro 80’s, while having a fresh production approach combining retro textures with fresh new ones.

“We live in a world of instant gratification. We are all in a desperate search for various things that are supposedly the absolute ideal. Yet, we never seem to reach that utopia of existence. Instead we are intermittent. We keep tuning between stations and tapping into different ideas. Therefore, we often find ourselves lost between these different concrete points and in between stations where there exists only (static) noise while time keeps fleeting. We appear inconsistent against the consistency of time.” says Franzua Van Den Heever about the new single.


The song contains subtle African percussion combined with Wouter’s urgent driven drums. Zua’s basslines are prominent and Jan’s keys feature more than ever before. Johan’s vocal floats above the track, almost detached – which is in a sense what the lyrics are about: Detachment from reality.

Most young people will identify with this song, since we live in a world where we often feel detached from reality because of the amount of content we watch, listen to and subscribe to which in essence forms our identities.

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